Today’s blog post is about Covered California’s “Certified Insurance Agents.” As you know, the new state health insurance marketplaces recently opened up for enrollment on October 1st, 2013. The marketplace in California is called Covered California.

With the opening of these marketplaces, a number of new ways to enroll in an individual health insurance plan emerged. One of those ways is finding the help of one of Covered California’s “Certified Insurance Agents.”

The “Certified Insurance Agent” training program allows licensed insurance agents in the state of California to assist the public in enrolling in the new state marketplace programs. Effectively, a “Certified Insurance Agent” becomes a guide for you. They can help you navigate the nation’s largest new insurance marketplace. Here is the official Covered California Certified Insurance Agent marketing badge. You will see it begin to appear on insurance brokerage websites, business cards, letterhead, etc:


If an agent in California is a “Certified Insurance Agent,” they have accomplished the following:

  • Obtained an insurance license to do business in California.
  • Are in good standing with the California Department of Insurance.
  • Have been through an in-person 8 hour Covered California training seminar.
  • Have completed 4 hours of Covered California self-study.
  • Have passed the “Covered California Certification Exam” with a score of 80% or better.
  • Registered and completed the agreement with Covered California to be a “Certified Insurance Agent.”

After completing each of the above requirements, a Covered California “Certified Insurance Agent” is then able to help the public navigate one of two programs at the exchange:

  1. The individual health insurance marketplace.
  2. SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program), for small business.

A Covered California “Certified Insurance Agent” can be a valuable asset for you in navigating the current healthcare reform conditions. They can also help you navigate the new insurance marketplace website, apply for coverage, and provide suggestions about which programs may fit best. additional reading Policy Advantage Insurance Services is a Certified Insurance Agent for Covered California. Please contact us with your questions today.

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