Travel bloggers, we’ve got great news for you: we can cover your health worldwide. And… you can apply for coverage with us online globally. SWEET. 

We know travel bloggers are exercising your passion: travel. And one of your most important assets while you’re travelling is your HEALTH. If you don’t have your health, you can’t travel. It makes sense to cover it for a few dollars per day.

Our plans are available to people from MOST countries across the world through self-serve applications online. If you have a passport from a country in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia… there’s a good chance you can find yourself a good travel health insurance plan with us. If you have further questions… shoot us a simple email: Or a simple call: 1(800) 617-0089.  

When you’re living or travelling abroad, health insurance is not usually the first thing on your mind… but it can be a very important. If you ever need medical services while you’re in another country, you may end up paying for these services out-of-pocket if you’re not insured. That’s where international, travel, and expat health insurance plans can come in handy. partners with some of the best companies in the industry like Cigna Global, Anthem GeoBlue, IMG, and Allianz. With companies like these, you will:

  • Attain peace-of-mind by having international health coverage from some of the world’s top quality international insurers.
  • Have access to global networks of over 1 million quality hospitals, physicians, clinics, and health specialists.
  • Custom-tailor a plan that fits you or your family best.
  • Get top-quality 24/7 customer service while you’re abroad.
  • Utilize AMAZING technology on your smart phone to manage your plan worldwide. 

Q: What is international, travel, and expat health insurance?

A: It’s health insurance when you’re traveling, working, or living abroad. It’s designed to give you and your family peace-of-mind and access to high-quality healthcare wherever you are in the world.

Q: Why would I need international health insurance?

A: In most cases, if you’re a foreign national in another country, there is a pretty good chance that you and your family won’t have access to the national health program where you’re currently residing. Additionally, healthcare services vary widely across the globe, so the standard of care that you are accustomed to receiving in your home country may be significantly different than the country’s with which you are residing in abroad.

Q: How does coverage work when it comes to international health insurance? 

A: International, travel, and expat health insurance plans are flexible to your needs. A plan can be designed to fit your coverage necessities and budget. Core benefits include things like: inpatient hospitalizations, surgeries, and other hospital or physician services. Additional benefit options can be added like: doctor visits, prescription drugs, and even cancer treatments.

Here’s where you can get help:

  • Run quotes & apply online with Cigna Global here (*Cigna is our #1 recommended international health insurance company, unless the country you’re from is unavailable. So if you need a plan, we recommend applying here first): Cigna Global Online Quote & Application (CLICK to quote & apply)
  • Email Us: With a simple email, we can get you in contact with one of our licensed professionals, who will assist you with all of your questions.
  • Call Us: 1(800) 617-0089. Call us toll-free and we’ll get you in contact with one of our agents. 
  • Visit our Webpage (currently under renovation): All of your information, tools, and online access will be available at one SIMPLE to remember URL:

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