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Essentials: The “Need-to-Knows” About the New Individual Health Insurance Marketplace

With the on-set of healthcare reform, the landscape in the individual health insurance marketplace has changed dramatically. In this article, we’ll describe what you need to know in order to navigate the new individual segment of the health insurance industry. Before we get to the good stuff, let’s review a very short background about the differences between […]


#ADVANTAGE: Does Healthcare Reform Make Health Plans Cheaper? (4/24/2014)

We’ve recently created a blog segment called “#Advantage” where we’ll answer the questions that we get at Twitter. Our official Twitter hash-tag is #Advantage, and we’ll explain this in further detail in a future blog post. For now, you can find additional information at www.twitter.com/advantage (or @advantage). Our 4/24/14 question was from “CA Medicare Assist” (@MedicareInCA) in Santa Rosa, […]

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Covered California: Special Enrollment Period

Thanks for stopping by today, we’re glad that you’re here. In this blog post we’ll be talking about Covered California’s “Special Enrollment Period.” To keep it simple, this is a period of time when people will be able to enroll in an individual or family health insurance plan outside of open enrollment if certain “life-changing events” […]

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Covered California: SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program)

Thanks for stopping by today, we’re glad that you here. Today we’re going to talk about the Covered California SHOP program, otherwise known as the Small Business Health Options Program. As you know, Covered California is the new state health insurance exchange in the state of California. The new exchanges were a major part of healthcare […]

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Phrases Made Easy: “Advanced Premium Tax Credits” (APTCs)

Welcome back to another edition of “Phrases Made Easy.” This series at our blog aims to help make all of those long, drawn-out insurance phrases easier to understand. One thing we notice when talking about health insurance (and health benefits in general) is that the concepts can be “wordy” and boring. We emphasize fixing that […]

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#Advantage: Working with a Covered California “Certified Agent”

“Covered California” is the new public health insurance exchange in the state of California. If you live California, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about it over the past 6 months. These exchanges are a new way to buy health insurance and are a major part of healthcare reform. The California exchange opened back in October of […]


Policy Advantage Insurance Services: How We Can Help

Today’s article is about how Policy Advantage Insurance Services can help you with your health benefits planning. As you know, we’ve written a few blog posts about this topic in the past. If you’re new, we’d encourage you to catch up here: 5 Reasons to “Give Yourself the Advantage” Insurance Brokerage Explained: “An Insurance Store” Policy […]