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WELCOME, from around the globe. This is your future site for international, travel, and expat health insurance coverage: North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia. Wherever you’re working or travelling globally… we’ve got you covered.

SOON you’ll be able to apply online anywhere in the world with a simple URL for you to remember: You’ll be able to easily take us with you around the globe.

We’re currently working on getting our “Quote Engine” up soon, where you’ll be able to see prices and plan details. In the meantime, visit the companies we work with below. We work with some of the world’s TOP insurance companies to ensure your health is covered worldwide:


(International Medical Group)

Get a Cigna Global expat health insurance brochure here.

I’m traveling abroad, and my primary passport is from a country in North America.

I’m traveling abroad, and my primary passport is from a country in Europe.