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2018 Open Enrollment is Here

Begins: November 1st, 2017

Ends: January 31st, 2018

Individual & Family Plans

With the onset of healthcare reform, the way that individuals and families participate in health insurance plans has changed greatly. If you explore our growing library of online content, you can read all about the ways that people are now able to participate in health plans without the help of an employer.

At Policy Advantage Insurance Services, we want our “Individuals & Families” section to be a valuable resource for you. There are three big things we want you to be able to accomplish here:

#1) Find information.

By clicking the “Find Info” button below, you’ll access our “content guide” that will help you find our valuable, up-to-date, relevant information across the internet.

#2) Get help from a live person. 

Still have questions? Talk with one of our licensed insurance professionals, and get assistance sorting things out. 

#3) Apply online.

Run quotes, compare plans, and apply for coverage at many of the major insurance companies. By clicking the “Apply Now” button below, you’ll access our online application section.