PolicyAdvantage.com Introduces Health Sherpa: An Official Enrollment Partner of HealthCare.gov

PolicyAdvantage.com is proud to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Health Sherpa, an official enrollment partner of HealthCare.gov (the federal ACA/Obamacare health insurance exchange).

Health Sherpa is a California-based technology company, and industry-leading enrollment platform that helps individuals and families shop and compare ACA-compliant plans. Fast, easy Obamacare enrollment, over 3 million individuals and families have enrolled through this cutting-edge technology… now exclusively available at PolicyAdvantage.com.

With full, unparalleled access from the comfort of your own home, health insurance shopping & enrollment during COVID-19 has never been easier! Here are the benefits:

Over 3 million online ACA enrollments.
✅A modern, cutting-edge user experience (UX similar to shopping for airline tickets). The convenient layout makes it easy for you to shop and compare top health insurance policies from the best insurance companies in your area.
Seamless integration with HealthCare.gov, the federal health insurance marketplace. In other words, this technology will determine if you qualify for premium assistance (tax credits based on your gross income and household size), and show you the cost of your health plan once these credits have been applied. 4 out of 5 people receive assistance, so see if you can reduce the costs of your plan today!
✅Utilize us as your “contactless” online health insurance agency. With our exclusive Health Sherpa partnership, we offer our members unparalleled access to this online enrollment platform. We never have to visit with you in-person! You can run quotes, see your plan information, see if you qualify for premium assistance, and enroll all online. And, our licensed agents are standing-by, if you need any specific assistance. Just DM us at any of our social media channels, or use our chat feature at the bottom right at our webpage. It’s a perfect setup for the current COVID-19 situation, and today’s “new normal.” We’ll social distance well with you!
Review all of your customized policy comparisons from the leading health insurers in your zip code in just minutes.

For more details, Allie explains below, in less than 2 minutes.

PolicyAdvantage.com is licensed in three states:

  • California (our home state)
  • Florida
  • Texas

If you are from Florida or Texas, you will enroll at the federal health insurance exchange (HealthCare.gov), and can do-so with us at PolicyAdvantage.com through our Health Sherpa technology. If you are in California, you will enroll at the state health insurance exchange (Covered California, CoveredCA.com), and you can also run your quotes with us through our exclusive Health Sherpa partnership.

Start putting putting this industry leading, convenient enrollment platform to work for you or your family today, by visiting the links below. You’ll enjoy reviewing your personalized quotes in just minutes. Additionally, should you need any assistance, your dedicated insurance agent’s name and phone number are listed in the upper corners of the page:




As mentioned, we’re a VERY “digitally friendly” insurance agency, and can help you with everything here online and/or over the phone. We can’t wait to see you at your link above, and look forward to working with you!

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