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California Officially Bans Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Here’s the down-low on “short term” health insurance plans in California. Short term health insurance plans were used as an alternative to “Obamacare” (ACA) plans if someone needed coverage for a short period of time (previously less than 3 months, and more recently, less than 12 months). People who missed the individual and family plan […]

Oscar Health Insurance: Individual & Family Plans Available in San Francisco

PolicyAdvantage.com is proud to announce that we offer Oscar Health Insurance individual and family plans in San Francisco. PS: “O” is for OSCAR in the blog post image. These plans are available to individuals, families, single parent families, and individual children under the age of 18. Additionally… plan information, health insurance applications, and access to […]

Shopping for Prescriptions? Here’s Why GoodRx.com NEEDS to be Your New BFF

Access to affordable prescriptions can be very important. Prescription drug coverage is a common necessity. You may have a simple cold and need an antibiotic, or, you may require expensive, on-going specialty or brand-name drugs that treat chronic illnesses. Whatever the situation, many people need to utilize prescription drug coverage often. As a result, people […]

Oscar Health Insurance: Small Group Plans Now Available in Los Angeles & Orange County

PolicyAdvantage.com is proud to announce that we’re now offering small group health insurance plans (1-100 employees) from Oscar Health Insurance, as of June 1st, 2018. These plans will be available to small groups in Los Angeles & Orange County. This groundbreaking, high-demand, hi-tech health insurance product is “trending” with our current individual & family plan […]

Travel Bloggers: Cover Your Health With Us Worldwide Online

So you’re passionate about… TRAVEL. We hear you, travel bloggers. And that’s why we’ve put together a portfolio of TOP world-wide, affordable health insurance products for you. They can help you cover your health while you’re globe-trotting.  We know you like the fun stuff: the pictures, the food, the “must see” tourist destinations, and those […]