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Important Outreach: Only 10 Days Left in 2014 Open Enrollment

If you’ve been following along at our blog, you’ll understand that there are now “open enrollment” dates each year for Individual and Family Plans (IFP). 2014 open enrollment is coming to a close soon. This very important blog post is for everyone: individual clients, group & employer clients, potential clients, friends, co-workers, family, and anyone else. […]


Voluntary Benefits in the Post Healthcare Reform Environment

This blog post is about “voluntary benefits” and how they are poised to see significant growth in the post-healthcare reform environment. If you’ve been following along here at our blog, you’ll know that we’ve discussed the definition of voluntary benefits in the past. We’ve referred to these benefits as “supplemental health insurance.” As we move […]

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Extended Delay: Insurance Mandate for Medium-Size Employers (50 to 99 employees)

Yesterday (on 2/10/14) the Obama Administration announced an additional delay to the healthcare reform law’s “employer mandate.” This new announcement stated that medium-sized businesses (those from 50-99 employees) will now have additional time to cover their employees with a health insurance plan. This is the second announcement of a delay with regard to the employer […]

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Business Owners: Give Your Employees More Choices

Believe it or not, it can save you money. One of the most important concepts in the post-healthcare reform environment will be giving employees choice when it comes to their health benefits selection. This blog post will explain why this is so important. A future blog post will explain the ways this can be accomplished. Your […]


Health Insurance Exchanges: “Under 35” Crowd, Jump On-Board

The first-half of open enrollment at the new state health insurance exchanges is long past… and the participation from the younger crowd? It wasn’t very good. Recently, the October 1st through December 31st enrollment numbers have been announced by the exchanges. Only about one quarter (or 25%) of those who enrolled were between the ages […]

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Operation Patience: Exchange Plans Taking Time to Process

Recently, many who have applied for a January 1st, 2014 plan start at the new state health insurance exchange have learned that it’s taking some time for the insurance companies to process your plan. This is currently a common occurrence, as they continue to sort through 10’s of thousands of new applications (literally). Our advice […]

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California Continues Rollout: Won’t Allow Cancelled Policy Reinstatements

This Fall, hundreds of thousands of non-compliant health insurance plans began to be cancelled throughout the nation. These plans did not comply with the new requirements set forth in the new healthcare reform law, and for that reason, were deemed not “legal.” As a result, these non-compliant plans needed to go. For more information about […]