Oscar Health Insurance: Individual & Family Plans Available in San Francisco

PolicyAdvantage.com is proud to announce that we offer Oscar Health Insurance individual and family plans in San Francisco. PS: “O” is for OSCAR in the blog post image.

These plans are available to individuals, families, single parent families, and individual children under the age of 18. Additionally… plan information, health insurance applications, and access to a California licensed agent are all available online at PolicyAdvantage.com.

This groundbreaking, high-demand, hi-tech health insurance product is “trending” with our current individual & family plan clients. We’ve been offering Oscar Health plans to our individual and family members since 2015 in select areas of California (available direct through Oscar Health, and also through the state health insurance exchange Covered California).

Oscar Health Insurance offers a variety of “features” within their plans that are unlike many other health insurance companies. Some of these features include:

  • Your personal, dedicated concierge team of four members, which includes a nurse. These members can help you navigate anything from selecting proper healthcare services, to managing billing.
  • A proprietary Oscar App that can help you find the information you need about your health plan.
  • Simplified, smart health insurance that is “policyholder-centric” and easy to understand.
  • High quality, world-class hospital networks, with an easy-to-use Oscar doctor search tool.
  • An affordable EPO (Exclusive Provider Network), that gives you convenient access to specialists in the Oscar network, without a need for a referral. AFFORDABLE: Oscar is currently one of the more affordable insurance plans available.

This is an exciting, value-added, high quality product that we are very pleased to be offering to our individual and family plan clients at PolicyAdvantage.com.

Individuals and families in San Francisco: contact us to improve your current coverage, and possibly save money. Our agents at PolicyAdvantage.com are ready to help. Quotes and info are easy to get. Phone: 1(800) 617-0089, Email: [email protected]. Or visit our contact page here:www.PolicyAdvantage.com/Contact.

Don’t miss these very good info-graphics about Oscar Health Insurance, available exclusively to our clients and followers in .PDF format (click to see forms):