Diners & Restaurants: Three Good Reasons to Look at Healthcare Reform

Today’s blog post is about how healthcare reform can help businesses in the restaurant and dining industries. There are a few really good reasons that these industries should take a close look at what’s going on with regard to reform. In many cases, employees may now be able to access better coverage at much more affordable prices.

In the past, restaurants and diners have had a tendency to be challenging groups to work with when it comes to health benefits for a number of different reasons. Some of those reasons will be addressed in this post. We’ll then offer some solutions about how healthcare reform can help.


Here are why restaurants and diners (especially those under 50 employees) should take a close look at healthcare reform:

  1. Many workers are part-time. Part-time workers are usually: A) not eligible for health insurance at work because of their part-time status, or B) not making enough money to want to contribute to health insurance premiums. For these reasons, part-time workers are usually more difficult to help insure. Healthcare reform fits the part-time worker to a T. There is a good chance many part-time workers will be eligible for financial assistance in the form of tax subsidies. 
  2. Many workers are younger. The employees of these groups have a tendency to be younger. Many employees at diners and restaurants hold positions like servers, hostesses/hosts, bar-tenders, waitresses, cooks, etc. Healthcare reform plans can be very affordable for those in the “30 and under” age category (ie: certain plans for younger people who are eligible for subsidies based on income can cost well under $100/month).  
  3. Healthy employees are important in the diner and restaurant industry. If you’re serving people food and drink, you want your employees to be healthy. Employees who have good access to doctors and medical services can be a very valuable asset to business owners in this industry. It can also help with the group’s overall morale.

The above reasons are why healthcare reform can be very important in the restaurant and diner industries. The new healthcare reform law (ie: the state health insurance exchanges) can give these kinds of employees excellent access to good coverage, at very affordable prices. 

Recommended: make a “Covered California Certified” insurance agent available to your employees. Allow he or she to help your employees navigate the new reform laws, and find health plans that make sense both cost and coverage wise. Employees can now make individual decisions on their own at the exchange, without any employer contribution. In other-words, with the proper guidance, they can take care of it themselves. And in many cases, exchange plans can be better than typical small-business employer plans. 

Educate your employees about these new options at no cost to your company. Policy Advantage Insurance Services can help you with healthcare reform, and can help your employees navigate it. If you have further questions about how healthcare reform can fit businesses in the restaurant and diner industry, please contact us any time.

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