Enhancing the Global Workforce: Reasons Multinational Enterprises Should Offer Group International and Expat Health Coverage


In an interconnected world where businesses transcend geographical boundaries, multinational enterprises (MNEs) play a crucial role in fostering global growth and development. As these organizations expand their operations across countries, it becomes imperative to prioritize the well-being and security of their employees, particularly when it comes to healthcare. Offering comprehensive group international and expat health coverage not only demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare but also provides numerous benefits for both the employees and the organization. In this blog, we will explore the compelling reasons why MNEs should prioritize such coverage and highlight the role of Policy Advantage Insurance Services in facilitating this process by partnering with leading global health insurance companies like Cigna, Allianz, and Anthem GeoBlue.

  1. Duty of Care and Employee Well-Being: MNEs have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees, regardless of their location. By providing group international and expat health coverage, employers demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their workforce, building trust and loyalty among employees. This coverage extends beyond medical treatment and can include preventive care, wellness programs, mental health support, and emergency assistance, ensuring employees feel valued and supported.
  2. Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: In a competitive job market, offering comprehensive health coverage can be a differentiating factor for attracting and retaining highly skilled employees. Talented professionals seeking international opportunities prioritize benefits such as health coverage for themselves and their families. By providing robust group international and expat health coverage, MNEs position themselves as employers of choice, enhancing their ability to recruit and retain top talent.
  3. Mitigating Health-related Risks: Working in foreign countries can expose employees to unfamiliar healthcare systems, different medical standards, and potential health risks. Group international and expat health coverage offer protection against these risks, ensuring employees have access to quality healthcare services. This coverage can encompass medical evacuation and repatriation, emergency medical assistance, and 24/7 helplines, providing peace of mind to employees and mitigating potential financial and legal risks for the organization.
  4. Enhanced Productivity and Reduced Absenteeism: When employees are worried about their healthcare needs or those of their families, it can significantly impact their productivity and focus. By providing comprehensive health coverage, MNEs help alleviate these concerns, allowing employees to concentrate on their work responsibilities. Additionally, timely access to healthcare services promotes preventive care and early intervention, reducing absenteeism and improving overall productivity.
  5. Compliance with Local Regulations: Many countries have specific requirements regarding the provision of health coverage to employees, including mandatory insurance contributions or coverage levels. By offering group international and expat health coverage, MNEs ensure compliance with local regulations, avoiding potential penalties or legal issues. Policy Advantage Insurance Services, in collaboration with leading global health insurance companies like Cigna, Allianz, and Anthem GeoBlue, helps MNEs navigate these regulations and provides customized solutions to meet their specific needs.


In today’s globalized business landscape, multinational enterprises must prioritize the well-being of their employees, regardless of their geographical location. Offering group international and expat health coverage demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare, attracts and retains top talent, mitigates health-related risks, enhances productivity, and ensures compliance with local regulations. Policy Advantage Insurance Services, through its partnerships with renowned global health insurance companies like Cigna, Allianz, and Anthem GeoBlue, serves as a trusted partner in providing comprehensive coverage solutions that cater to the unique needs of MNEs and their employees. By prioritizing employee health, MNEs can foster a culture of care and support, thereby driving their success in the global marketplace. Connect with us online today. We are a digitally friendly agency and can provide you with information, support, enrollment assistance, and international and expat health coverage for your MNE organization, no-matter where you are in the world. Connecting with a licensed agent and utilizing our international and expat resources and capabilities is just a direct message away. 

International, Travel, and Expat Health Insurance

When you’re living or travelling abroad, health insurance is not usually the first thing on your mind… but it can be a very important. If you ever need medical services while you’re in another country, you may end up paying for these services out-of-pocket if you’re not insured. That’s where a international, travel, and expat health insurance plan can come in handy. partners with some of the best companies in the industry like Cigna Global and Anthem GeoBlue. With companies like these, you will:

  • Attain peace-of-mind when obtaining a policy with some of the world’s biggest international insurers.
  • Have access to global networks of over 1 million quality hospitals, physicians, clinics, and health specialists.
  • Custom-tailor a plan that fits you or your family best.
  • Get top-quality 24/7 customer service while you’re abroad.

Q: What is international, travel, and expat health insurance?

A: It’s health insurance when you’re traveling, working, or living abroad. It’s designed to give you and your family peace-of-mind and access to high-quality healthcare wherever you are in the world.

Q: Why would I need international health insurance?

A: In most cases, if you’re a foreign national in another country, there is a pretty good chance that you and your family won’t have access to the national health program where you’re currently residing. Additionally, healthcare services vary widely across the globe, so the standard of care that you are accustomed to receiving at home may be significantly different than what you are used to.

Q: How does coverage work when it comes to international health insurance? 

A: International, travel, and expat health insurance plans are flexible to your needs. A plan can be designed to fit your coverage necessities and budget. Core benefits include things like: inpatient hospitalizations, surgeries, and other hospital or physician services. Additional benefit options can be added like: doctor visits, prescription drugs, and even cancer treatments.

Cigna Global and Anthem GeoBlue are two of the most reputable international, travel, and expat health insurers in today’s market. Both have global hospital/physician networks and strong customer reviews; these companies can add peace of mind to your stay abroad.

Policy Advantage Insurance Services partners with both companies. If you’re planning a trip overseas (long-term or short), or are going to be working or studying abroad, contact us today for a quote. Prices can vary based on where you’ll be in the world, but we’ll be sure to help you find the plan that fits you best, at the best price.

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